Process for sorting wood boards and quality increasing

LIGNOSORT Lignosort is a process to increase the quality of wood boards with knots, especially of boards from spruce.
Surfaces of freshly cut boards are scanned with a laser scanner and the estimated quality after finishing is predicted. By this prediction the boards are separated into different quality classes, e.g. A, B and C before starting further treatment. The advantage of this early quality sorting is that only those qualities can be processed which are asked for. The coupling of different quality grades which arise by sorting at the end of the final treatment can be overcome. Storage cost for not asked qualities are avoided.
Lignosort additionally uses the surface detection to localize those wood failures which can be treated to increase the quality. A bar-code system stores the coordinates of the failures. A fixing unit uses these coordinates to fix the failures at their place. The quality category of the boards is increased and value added.

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