Dr. Hans Korte is involved with engineering research and developments in the field of wood and fibres. His company specialises in leading edge solutions for the development, introduction and marketing of new products and/or procedures.
Dr. Korte undertakes developmental activities for his clients to provide an early insight into areas such as copyright prior to full product development and marketing.
His company researches potential funding opportunities and identifies a range of solutions that will assist clients with the wider development and sales of their products.
Professional project management ensures that deadlines and targets are achieved to budget. Additional partners can be factored into solutions such as Universities and if appropriate other businesses.
Dr. Korte's clients can benefit from constant review of projects and milestone checks to ensure satisfactory progress and adjustments to deadlines where necessary.

Typical areas of activity include:
the development of impregnation processes for solid wood
quality improvement measures to planed products,
development of wood fibre insulating materials and the corresponding
    production processes
recycling of high-performance fibres from composite materials,
structural mats
fire protection medium
production of fine chips,
development of special plastics,
quality inspections and standardisation issues are addressed and
investigation of industrial and wood damage.

Desired cooperation with other EU partners:

We are looking for companies which have a requirement for:

developmental support for new products and processes
new procedures or process improvement
scientific/technical project management
market studies

Dr. Hans Korte is a consultant for research and development in the wood and fibres industry. He has a background in joinery and studied wood science and technology at university of Hamburg.
After his Ph.D. thesis he started his career at an international fibres company in the field of cellulose fibres and membranes (viscose, rayon, cupramonium and lyocell). The first 5 years he was involved in product development, quality management, raw material and raw material suppliers evaluation. The next period he spent as technical account manager for pulped aramide fibres in friction industry before he became CEO of a holdings own sales company for geosynthetics. In 1999 he quit the company and made himself independent as a consultant. In 2000 he opened his office in Wismar, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.
Dr. Hans Korte patented for the fibre based industry a new geosynthetic material, and a recycling methods for high tenacity fibres. For the wood based industry he developed a coating for reduced abrasion of a chipper tool, a new wood fibre based insulation board and new production method therefore, a method to stabilise beam ends against cracking and a method to fix black knots in spruce wood for the planning industry.
Besides new developments he co-ordinates for his customers the contact to inte-resting potential industry partners e. g. for the introduction of wood-plastic-composites into the European market.
The main business is the project management for his customers. In detail does it mean to be responsible for the organisation and documentation from the first idea until the introduction of a new process or a new product into the market.